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 Sandwiches & Sides 

Sandwich Tray  $89.00
20 half-sandwiches [select up to 3 varieties]

Fruit Salad Pint 

Cucumber Salad Pint  

Potato Salad Pint  

Pasta Salad Pint  

Tuna Salad Pint  

Pimento Cheese Pint  

Chicken Salad Pint 

Soups and Salads

House Salad 

Berries and Feta Salad 

Club Salad 

Salad Trio  

Cup of Soup  

Bowl of Soup  


Served with whipped cream: 

Served with toasted pecans & whipped cream
drizzled with chocolate: 

Served with strawberries, blueberries &

whipped cream drizzled with raspberry syrup: 




Heaven Cake 



Tray of Cookies (24 count)   

Tray of Brownies (24 count)   


Unsweet Tea Gallon  

Sweet Tea Gallon  

Fruit Tea Gallon  

Bottled Water 

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